Beyond the Pure Love brand

“Pure Love wants to share a simple message of love.
This vital and infinite energy which is everywhere and without whom nothing could exist.
A reminder that “love” and “life” are the only things that bind us all together. “

Our philosophy

An eco-friendly approach

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Satisfied customers worldwide and growing

Pure Love genesis

Pure Love was born in Brussels and comes from spontaneous drawings with the will to share a simple message, a message which brings us back to our childhood and our innocence. Today, we’ve become got a bit lost in the tortuous paths of life and society we’re living in. We often forget that the only force we’re coming from and who binds us all is simply love. Not the “love” as we can experience it as couples, but the innocent love, this vital energy that comes from everywhere in the universe. The Pure Love!

Everything comes from the heart, and that’s how our little character was created years ago with its one-line and naïve drawing design. It’s an evolution of many tries which all led to the same thing in the end. This character and his heart are a way to represent our main essence, our profound origin, the source of life itself, this energy that still exists deep in every one of us and without whom nothing could exist.

How we want to share our message

To spread our message, making tee-shirts and bags with our own designs was the perfect choice to start. We want everyone to be able to own, carry and share the Pure Love. And to stay true to our philosophy, we didn’t want to propose any kind of products, we wanted them to be respectful of the environment and the people who made them.

Nos valeurs

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Gluten-free ramps iPhone etsy coffee.


Our team

STE is a multidisciplinary artist, expressing through the moment with what inspires him the most according to his mood and his surroundings. He is passionate about art in general: graphic design, music, tattoo, painting, drawing and creative interests of all kind.

Morgan Fauvel